Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Am Shamalamabam - Hear Me Roar!

A few months ago, Blizzard came up with the Refer-A-Friend promotion. As a confirmed altoholic who had a passing interest in dual boxing, this promotion spoke to me on a personal level. I play on one server in a guild with real-life friends, play on another server in a guild with relatives, and play on a third server where my second guild has an Alliance branch. Triple XP meant that I would be able to level some characters quickly on each of those servers, and it would give me the excuse I've always needed (wanted) to get that second account for dual boxing. At the end of the promotional period, I had a few level 60+ characters on each of these servers, as well as some levels I could grant to new or existing characters.

Fast forward to today. I have a couple of accounts and a bunch of characters strewn over a few servers. I have at least one of every class. I've explored Azeroth on my rogue. I've healed my way to the mid-70s on my priest. I love my warlock, my paladins get more fun the more I play them, and hunters are always fun. I like druids, always seem to wind up using my mages as bank alts, and I'm giving my warrior another chance. The one class that has remained an enigma is the shaman.

I currently have three shamans (shamen?). Since I hadn't played one before, I thought I'd use some of the grantable levels I had accumulated to start a shaman at the high 50s. I did the same on another server to get one to level 30. I started a third one from level 1 to try out the Wow-Pro addon, since I'm a big fan of Jame's Levelling Guide. Between the three of them, I'm starting to have fun.

I plan on focussing on my shamans (shamii?) in this blog, but will talk about other classes or other WoW-related topics that interest me. Ooh! Shinies!

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